SonicWall Virtual Assist
Receive assistance for your technical problems in a few simple steps.
Direct Request (Windows OS only)

Step 1: Download and Run
Download and run the Client by clicking the link.
Virtual Assist

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Why do I have to install software to receive assistance?

What if I deal with sensitive information?

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Request Assistance
Wait for Tech
Install Software
Receive Assistance

To begin a virtual assist session with your technician, please enter your name and click the Request Assistance button. In just a few seconds, there will be an established remote desktop connection between your computer and your technician.

Virtual Assist Client
Download for Windows
Request help directly by saving the support client to your computer and running it.


Step 2: Request Assistance
Enter in a name and any additional information necessary. Please contact your support representative if a support code is required.
Ensure that the customer option is selected when requesting help.

Step 3: Await Service
You are now in the queue for service. When a support technician is available and ready to assist you, your suppose session will begin.
You must keep the application running but may do other things while waiting for service.

Step 4: Receive Service
Once a technician is ready to assist you, the Virtual Assist application will automatically connect and service will begin.
You can now sit back and watch as the technician resolves your issue.