SonicWall Virtual Assist

Q: Why do I have to install software to receive support?
A: In order for a technician to view your system to diagnose and resolve your issue some software must be place on the system and run. The software can be easily and safely removed after your issue has been resolved.

Q: What if I deal with sensitive information?
A: Since the technician will have keyboard and mouse control of your system and be able to view what is on screen, please ensure information you do not wish to share with the technician is not visible during support. You may stop the session at anytime by closing the assistance application. You are also able to view what the technician is doing during the session.

Q: Is SonicWall responsible for what happens on my system?
A: SonicWall takes no responsibility for what happens during your session. The technician assisting you is most likely not affiliated with SonicWall. SonicWall only provides the technology for the technician to be able to remotely diagnose and resolve your problem.

Q: Can I receive help running a Mac or Linux?
A: Currently Virtual Assist will support Windows and Mac based clients. Not all features are available for Mac clients however but basic control should allow your technician to resolve most problems. Linux is not supported at this time.